Website last updated on 8/11/2015

 Flashed Phones Run On Verizon Towers

Click here for a discount on your flash

Need your Smart Phone flashed to Straight Talk

I offer flashing for the following phones.

Sprint Samsung Note 3

Sprint Samsung  Galaxy S4 

Sprint Samsung Note 2

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3                                                               

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S Epic

Sprint HTC One

Sprint HTC EVO 3D

Sprint HTC EVO 4G


Verizon Samsung Note 3 (needs a used tmobile sim)

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

Verizon Samsung Note 2

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

Verizon Samsung Fascinate

Verizon HTC One

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S4

US Cellular Samsung Note 2

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S2

US Cellular Samsung Mesmerize

Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3

If your model is not listed above contact me. I do not flash iPhones.

Click HERE for Straight Talk Flash

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